Friday, December 7, 2012

Sleep my darling

The night has come to comfort you
So sleep, my darling sleep

The troubles of today are through
Your doubts will fall away
Realize what's in store for you
Night will take the cares of day
All I ask from you is this
Just sleep, my darling sleep.

No sorrow will you know my dear
While the night gets older
If you need me I am here
Just rest upon my shoulder
All I ask from you's to wish
Please sleep, my darling sleep.

Take comfort in my arms
As I pull you closer
I will not let you come to harm
I will be your soldier
I'll protect you while you dream
As you sleep, my darling sleep.

-Dedicated to a special someone. In memory of chocolate oranges, and the first time I have ever been touched by this song on a personal level.

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