Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rough Day

After a long thinking over what I've come to know,
I've decided to write how I think things should go.
I rarely if ever am dismal and gray
But I could really use a silver lining today.

The walls of my Jericho are crashing around me
And I feel like the whole wide world surrounds me.
I need a reprieve from all of this care
I picture a paradise, and myself being there.

The struggles and hardships of life are all past
But I know till I face them, this feeling won't last.
It's not always,  Dare I even say never,
Never easy, the road that we all have to weather.

As much as we all wish for a blank slated start
The only thing in these times you can change is your heart.
I'm still working on molding on mine, and today
Is one of those days I would like chipped away.

It's not always easy being happy and bright
When just around the corner's a cheerless night.
The dark of the worries and fears of life
Have subtle ways of coming to light.

As I pray for the strength to make on more day
My ears strain to hear what my Father will say.
Lessons in their season are never a Flower
But a seed that is planted and blooms in it's hour.

Life is a struggle, espec'lly for those
Who follow my road, and go where I go.
If I made it easy, all would pass the test
But I don't grade on bell curves, I grade by your best.

Silence my son, thy prayers have been heard
Do not waste your breath on any more words.
Know that I have a plan just for you
I will guide and instruct you in tasks you must do.

Stay faithful for this is but a short time
And my glory shall be given you from my home on high.
I love you and let you experience life
So that you will be stronger, when you're called from the lines.

Lift up and be witness, you stand at the ready
Keep your eyes on the target, keep your heart steady.
The long night of pain will soon be ended
And blessed are you, and will be commended.