Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One cannot sit idly

There is a darkness inside everyone. The simple thing to do would be let it overcome you. One can not sit idly as a passenger to Heaven's gate. Effort must be shown in order to be in the light, whether it's the effort to make the power like a dam on a river, or the effort to use the power like turning on your light at home. Our power source is the atonement and it is always on, The Savior acts as the dam to suffering. He holds back everything, occasionally letting us experience some, so that we can appreciate and use the energy it produces. Will we simply sit in the dark? Or will we rise from our stupor and flip the switch to power our testimonies and lighten not only our burdens, but our lives?  "If ye love me, just say so and you'll be fine" Does not exist in the scriptures "If ye love me, follow me" Is pretty much the gist of the entire canon. Christ did not walk on rose petals and red carpets, he walked on dirt, and sand, rough terrain and even the occasional thorn; Are you better than he?