Monday, September 27, 2010


"How much longer?" Came the plea
"Why hast Thou, Forsaken me?"
Sincere pains, and aguished words
Show a real and honest hurt

Wiser men, than thee have sighed
Stronger men have often cried
Greater men, than thee have lived
Through trials that seemed undeserved

But what it is, not often seen
Is how the Great men, came to be
It doesn't happen overnight
It comes from doing what is right

Trials give us strength to grow
Ways to learn, what we don't know
They are blessings in disguise
That make us Great... That make us Wise...

Two Years Too Fast

Another week is gone
Two years have almost passed
Since he has left his home
It's almost been too fast

It's hard to give no thought
To things, looked forward to
And He's sure that what he ought,
Is what he's goin' to do

You can say you've done your best
And try to think you have
But when the time has come to rest
Was it your best you gave?

Don't go back full of regret
Or sad, you didn't do
All the things that you had said,
And promised you would do

Your Father knows your weakness
But He also knows your strength
So turn to Him in meakness
And Serve Him Everyday

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Letter From a Resident

Dear Mr. President
I don't believe you represent
America's bright heritage
Bit ironic isn't it?

One nation under God was free
Pursuit of love, of life and Liberty
Honest work, the Amer'can Dream
Now things aren't like they're s'pposed to be

I write this just for the fun of it
I guess for my own benefit
'Cause I would think it's a safe bet
That you will never see this

I'm not part of any picket crowds
Who yell and make their wicked vows
I like much better to hear the sound
When the truth drowns you out

Don't get me wrong, your affable
But your integrity is laughable,
I don't think there's any passable
Claims you've made of Fact, at all

It must be easy to have such bravado
While groups of your afficianados
create campaining motto's
Claiming how you'll change tomorrow

Well I dont buy
Everything's just one big lie
I wonder Why
You're so keen to see America die?

Now, looking back at it
I think I'll take a crack at it
To you, this is just business
Let's be reaslistic

All you do is skirt the edge without explaining
The money you spend during your campaigning 'n' then
You get mad when people start complaining
You want us blinded but similtaneously sustaining
Your plans for our society's degrading
Mr. President we're tired of waiting
No More Debating
Listen once to what the uncommon man is saying

Enoug is Enough
Sure life is tough
But if it wasn't then we'd never grow to love
And appreciate what we've learned by what we've done

I know this is bigger than you, But you need to
Call on moral ethics to get us through
You're the only one who can make a change
The only link that can break this chain

Do you want to go down in history as causing American Misery
Or the one who fixed Calamity while you were serving in Presidency?

Political Games

It seems that life's gone topsy turvy
And it always is unnerving
Hearing what's been going on

Politicians vie for fame
As elections turn to games
They care not about their voters
But rather love finance supporters

And if it wins them a debate
The Vandals will prevaricate
In their speeches, oft bombastic
They make us promises ever drastic

Most don't know a normal life
How it feels or what it's life
When jobs are scarce and funds are few
When the Bills have all come due

They'll gladly flash a friendly smile
A mask to cover selfish guile
As soon as they are voted in
Their own agendas will begin

The USA is falling fast
No one knows how long we'll last
Judging by the way it looks
We'll soon exist in histr'y books

Politicians are meant to serve,
To gain the respect they deserve
The country will soon fall to shame
All for the sake of Political Games


The World is rough
And it gets tough,
Trying to do what's right

So let me try
To shed some light
On what I've Learned myself

We need the guidance of the Spirit
Like a ship will need a helm to steer it
We'll be led and softly prompted
If we have faith to stay undaunted

It will never pry or force,
Us to accept it's support
The Spirit, is a gift of God
To help us grasp the Iron Rod

To protect us from the storm
Made by the World to cause us harm
So listen close, and you will find
The Spirit will bless you in your life

Lesson Learned

Through the week, been rough and tumbled
Assumedly I need be humbled
I try to think of lessons learned
What character building traits I've earned

That father wants me taught, is sure
I think of that while I endure
He uses trials for th' intent
To remind me what's important

As long as I can keep the Spirit
And stay worthy 'nough to hear it
I can seek His guiding grace
Regardless of the time or place

Through receipt of Sacraments
I renew my covenants
Next week I'll try, to not grumble
In the hope I can stay humble

Day in Day Out & Door to Door

When situations get you down
And you've tried every door in town
But you still, have had no luck
Try and try to just cheer up

I know you've done your very best
And work so hard with little rest
To try to work toward your goal
Of gaining your life evermore

Struggles you face are all to real
I know Exactly how you feel
Dreading to go one more block
Thinking, "OK, one more knock"

I've been there as well
felt discouraged of myself
I can say that it's no fun
working till the day is done

But no matter what stay positive
It will make a big diff'rence
If you can, but simply smile
It will make the work worthwhile

There will be a lot of "No"s
That is simply how life goes
But it will make up the rest
If you work until you get a "Yes"