Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One cannot sit idly

There is a darkness inside everyone. The simple thing to do would be let it overcome you. One can not sit idly as a passenger to Heaven's gate. Effort must be shown in order to be in the light, whether it's the effort to make the power like a dam on a river, or the effort to use the power like turning on your light at home. Our power source is the atonement and it is always on, The Savior acts as the dam to suffering. He holds back everything, occasionally letting us experience some, so that we can appreciate and use the energy it produces. Will we simply sit in the dark? Or will we rise from our stupor and flip the switch to power our testimonies and lighten not only our burdens, but our lives?  "If ye love me, just say so and you'll be fine" Does not exist in the scriptures "If ye love me, follow me" Is pretty much the gist of the entire canon. Christ did not walk on rose petals and red carpets, he walked on dirt, and sand, rough terrain and even the occasional thorn; Are you better than he?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rough Day

After a long thinking over what I've come to know,
I've decided to write how I think things should go.
I rarely if ever am dismal and gray
But I could really use a silver lining today.

The walls of my Jericho are crashing around me
And I feel like the whole wide world surrounds me.
I need a reprieve from all of this care
I picture a paradise, and myself being there.

The struggles and hardships of life are all past
But I know till I face them, this feeling won't last.
It's not always,  Dare I even say never,
Never easy, the road that we all have to weather.

As much as we all wish for a blank slated start
The only thing in these times you can change is your heart.
I'm still working on molding on mine, and today
Is one of those days I would like chipped away.

It's not always easy being happy and bright
When just around the corner's a cheerless night.
The dark of the worries and fears of life
Have subtle ways of coming to light.

As I pray for the strength to make on more day
My ears strain to hear what my Father will say.
Lessons in their season are never a Flower
But a seed that is planted and blooms in it's hour.

Life is a struggle, espec'lly for those
Who follow my road, and go where I go.
If I made it easy, all would pass the test
But I don't grade on bell curves, I grade by your best.

Silence my son, thy prayers have been heard
Do not waste your breath on any more words.
Know that I have a plan just for you
I will guide and instruct you in tasks you must do.

Stay faithful for this is but a short time
And my glory shall be given you from my home on high.
I love you and let you experience life
So that you will be stronger, when you're called from the lines.

Lift up and be witness, you stand at the ready
Keep your eyes on the target, keep your heart steady.
The long night of pain will soon be ended
And blessed are you, and will be commended.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What would you see

What if we could all take just a minute,
Step back, to see the world and our place in it.

Would we be everything we wanted to be?

A husband to a sweet wife
Working hard to give her the sweet life
While being a compassionate father of five
Trying to teach his kids wrong from right

Oh, what would you see?

Life is worth nothing if it isn't tough
Living on dreams, and working on love
It's not all a bed of roses
There's just one thing I know, it's

That if we could all just stop for a minute
Step back to see the world, and our place in it

We could be everything we wanted to be.

Just don't let life overwhelm you
It's got lessons, i've learned a few
And when it throws you down, the only thing to do

Is get up again, start fighting
If you aren't living, than you're dying
There's no use in denying
You are what you chose to be

Oh, What would you see?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Unexpected Joy

I dared not think it'd come again
The feeling of contentment
For I've been hurt too many times
And bore a a slight resentment.

Life is hard enough without
Trying to hard for naught
It wasn't worth the effort I said.
Well that's what I had thought.

The Lord he tests our patience
To see if we have the worth
To earn blessings he has for us
To be more than who we were.

I admit I had my doubts
That I had something wrong
I didn't think I had a chance
That he just let me be alone.

Looking forward always seems so daunting
Looking back like no time at all
Once I felt it, there was no doubt
It took seconds for me to fall.

I still don't think I deserve this
I still have so much to learn
But I'll do my best to grow
And hope for your feelings to earn.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Lord, How was it done?

May I commune with thee Oh Lord,
Wilt thou still hear my call?
The tears of life have come to me
Wilt thou catch my fall?

The pain and sorrow caused from sin
Do they still bar the way?
Is it too late to feel again
The soothing light of day?

To break through chains that bound me,
Lord how was it done?
When I was lost thou found me
With love, I'm overcome.

I have wandered far from home
And along the path was lost.
But I find that I am not alone,
My Lord, what was the cost?

To break through chains that bound me,
Lord how was it done?
When I was lost thou found me
With love, I'm overcome.

Dear Lord, thou hast not forsaken
Even when I could not hear
Myself, from thee I'd taken
Because of worldly fear.

I thank thee for thy faith in me.
Oh Lord, for I have felt,
The path, and man, thou wouldst have me be
For this cause have I knelt.

To break through chains that bound me,
Lord how was it done?
When I was lost thou found me
With love, I'm overcome.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Weight of the world

The weight of the world, is meant for no man, to bear on his shoulders alone, 
But each man supposes, None can know what I feel, I'd rather it be on my own.
The stress and the challenge and heartache, are a burden meant to be shared.
There may have been truth to this thought, if one Man had not cared.

The weight of the world is heavy, a burd'ning, insurmountable task.
But there is hope for the wearied heart, there is one that we can ask
As a struggle we face alone, we will oft find ourselves on our knees,
The one is our Savior Jesus Christ, and we only have to say please.

Please, and we have to show action, lift the world as much as we can
For the way that he saves is not easy, that was never the plan.
After all you can do, he said to us all, That's when my mercy takes hold
We must lift the world, but he strengthens us all and gives rest to our souls.

We each have a trial to face, a hardship we must bear,
For if we did not, we'd never know, how much our Savior cared.
Love must be shown through action, and obedience shown through love
If we e'er have hope to enter, the Celestial world above.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Whispering Hearts

Every heart speaks in whispers, if we would only hear
It's possible to find a way, you can hear it clear.

If we silence all our worries, drown out all our doubt
You might just be surprised, what you'll find out.

The heart can be a mighty voice, if we just let it speak
It will tell us what to do, how to get what we seek.

Love is the answer, but what is the question?
Let me point out, one ti-ny suggestion.

If you say it like you mean it, and few rarely do
Then you can't just say the words, you have to prove they are true.

I love you, doesn't have to mean, a romantic bond you share
It just means that you show someone, that you really care.

It could be your best friend, or someone you've never met
Each of us know how to love, just some of us forget.

When you look for the good in life, you'll find it never ends
Whether in the warmth of a loved ones hand, or the hug from a friend.

Do all that you can this year, to quiet all your fears
And you might find, your own heart, has whispers for you to hear.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful for

I'm thankful for the gospel
I'm thankful for the church
I'm thankful for the scriptures
I'm thankful for my mom
I'm thankful for my dad
I'm thankful for my uncle
I'm thankful for my little brother
I'm thankful for my little sisters
I'm thankful for my family
I'm thankful for my health
I'm thankful for serving a mission
I'm thankful for my mission president
I'm thankful for my mission companions
I'm thankful for all of my friends, especially Josh, Sarah, Will, Peter, Kirstin, Callie, Mickael, and Chris
I'm thankful for a place to live
I'm thankful for my car
I'm thankful for school
I'm thankful for my scholarships
I'm thankful for clothes
I'm thankful for shoes
I'm thankful for pizza
I'm thankful for music
I'm thankful for movies
I'm thankful for board games
I'm thankful for space heaters
I'm thankful for hot water
I'm thankful for toothbrushes
I'm thankful for gum
I'm thankful for journals
I'm thankful for history
I'm thankful for pioneers
I'm thankful for disney movies
I'm thankful for pencils
I'm thankful for paper
I'm thankful for computers
I'm thankful for books
I'm thankful for life Experiences
I'm thankful for learning
I'm thankful for patience
I'm thankful for my phone
I'm thankful for apps
I'm thankful for pillows
I'm thankful for stuffed animals
I'm thankful for sarcasm
I'm thankful for maps
I'm thankful for stan lee
I'm thankful for comics
I'm thankful for twinges of nostalgia
I'm thankful for Christmas
I'm thankful for Christmas music
I'm thankful for electricity
I'm thankful for wit
I'm thankful for humor
I'm thankful for prayer
I'm thankful for nature
I'm thankful for morals
I'm thankful for obedience
I'm thankful for forgiveness
I'm thankful for happiness
I'm thankful for repentance
I'm thankful for volunteering
I'm thankful for shopping
I'm thankful for hoodies
I'm thankful for pockets
I'm thankful for indoor plumbing
I'm thankful for showers
I'm thankful for deodorant
I'm thankful for scarves
I'm thankful for airplanes
I'm thankful for traveling
I'm thankful for nice cashiers
I'm thankful for polite waiters
I'm thankful for 24 hour places during emergencies
I'm thankful for the Red Cross
I'm thankful for bikes
I'm thankful for horses
I'm thankful for water
I'm thankful for sunshine
I'm thankful for rain
I'm thankful for people in general
I'm thankful for being able to be thankful

BUT! The thing I am most thankful for
Is the ability to love and be loved

And I love you all.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Easy or Hard, Depend on the Lord

Complications we face in life
are just something that I have
come to terms go together
and it makes life that much better

Nothing easy is worth all the trouble it brings
NOthing hard goes without its reward
Nothing easy is done accept done alone
Nothing hard is done without the Lord

I wish I knew every answer for all
the situations I've had to face
But it's in those times that I've had to fall
I learn to rely on God's grace