Sunday, December 9, 2012

Unexpected Joy

I dared not think it'd come again
The feeling of contentment
For I've been hurt too many times
And bore a a slight resentment.

Life is hard enough without
Trying to hard for naught
It wasn't worth the effort I said.
Well that's what I had thought.

The Lord he tests our patience
To see if we have the worth
To earn blessings he has for us
To be more than who we were.

I admit I had my doubts
That I had something wrong
I didn't think I had a chance
That he just let me be alone.

Looking forward always seems so daunting
Looking back like no time at all
Once I felt it, there was no doubt
It took seconds for me to fall.

I still don't think I deserve this
I still have so much to learn
But I'll do my best to grow
And hope for your feelings to earn.

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