Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day in Day Out & Door to Door

When situations get you down
And you've tried every door in town
But you still, have had no luck
Try and try to just cheer up

I know you've done your very best
And work so hard with little rest
To try to work toward your goal
Of gaining your life evermore

Struggles you face are all to real
I know Exactly how you feel
Dreading to go one more block
Thinking, "OK, one more knock"

I've been there as well
felt discouraged of myself
I can say that it's no fun
working till the day is done

But no matter what stay positive
It will make a big diff'rence
If you can, but simply smile
It will make the work worthwhile

There will be a lot of "No"s
That is simply how life goes
But it will make up the rest
If you work until you get a "Yes"

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