Monday, July 19, 2010

The Faithful Task

It starts at first, the test of one
And soon proceeds, a gospel sung

Through tears and faith, of hope and love
A message given from above

Inside the lonely mountain hides
Until the Humble may arise

A script of praise of faith and truth
A book, and vision, giv'n in youth

To the World, this meek young boy
Shares the goal of holy joy

Through trials and hardships oft unmatched
The Faithful child endures the task

He then grows, becomes a man
And further still the gospel ran

A righteous fire, through heart and soul
Takes the two and makes one whole

The message sweet the duty seen
Prepare yourselves be pure and clean

The foe is cunning quick and wise
And lies awaiting in disguise

Be resilient in the passing tide
Do not be one, who runs to hide

Follow the boy who in his youth
Was not afraid to follow truth

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