Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Letter From a Resident

Dear Mr. President
I don't believe you represent
America's bright heritage
Bit ironic isn't it?

One nation under God was free
Pursuit of love, of life and Liberty
Honest work, the Amer'can Dream
Now things aren't like they're s'pposed to be

I write this just for the fun of it
I guess for my own benefit
'Cause I would think it's a safe bet
That you will never see this

I'm not part of any picket crowds
Who yell and make their wicked vows
I like much better to hear the sound
When the truth drowns you out

Don't get me wrong, your affable
But your integrity is laughable,
I don't think there's any passable
Claims you've made of Fact, at all

It must be easy to have such bravado
While groups of your afficianados
create campaining motto's
Claiming how you'll change tomorrow

Well I dont buy
Everything's just one big lie
I wonder Why
You're so keen to see America die?

Now, looking back at it
I think I'll take a crack at it
To you, this is just business
Let's be reaslistic

All you do is skirt the edge without explaining
The money you spend during your campaigning 'n' then
You get mad when people start complaining
You want us blinded but similtaneously sustaining
Your plans for our society's degrading
Mr. President we're tired of waiting
No More Debating
Listen once to what the uncommon man is saying

Enoug is Enough
Sure life is tough
But if it wasn't then we'd never grow to love
And appreciate what we've learned by what we've done

I know this is bigger than you, But you need to
Call on moral ethics to get us through
You're the only one who can make a change
The only link that can break this chain

Do you want to go down in history as causing American Misery
Or the one who fixed Calamity while you were serving in Presidency?

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