Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Political Games

It seems that life's gone topsy turvy
And it always is unnerving
Hearing what's been going on

Politicians vie for fame
As elections turn to games
They care not about their voters
But rather love finance supporters

And if it wins them a debate
The Vandals will prevaricate
In their speeches, oft bombastic
They make us promises ever drastic

Most don't know a normal life
How it feels or what it's life
When jobs are scarce and funds are few
When the Bills have all come due

They'll gladly flash a friendly smile
A mask to cover selfish guile
As soon as they are voted in
Their own agendas will begin

The USA is falling fast
No one knows how long we'll last
Judging by the way it looks
We'll soon exist in histr'y books

Politicians are meant to serve,
To gain the respect they deserve
The country will soon fall to shame
All for the sake of Political Games

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