Saturday, February 5, 2011


You feel it coursing through your veins,
Yet somehow it does not feel the same
The life that's there, no longer lives
The warmth and love it used to give

Why do things have to change,
All moved around and disarranged
Its not like I did this to me
So why is it my penalty

Its odd I know to count one blessed
Who's life has now become bereft
Of feeling loss and nothing left
"What good?" I daresay comes from this

Without the pain, there is no health
Without the poor, there is no wealth
Without the trials, there is no growth
Is something that I've come to know

Strength Is had, from bowing down
Courage made, outside the crowd
Healing done, through prayers to one
Who heals all hurts of everyone

The Savior knows each bump and scrape
What wounds to heal, what lives to save
He's lived his life, for us, so we
Could be healed, eternally


  1. Powerful. I like it A lot. I will have to post up some of my poems. Mostly lyrics but I have quite a few. Nice job!

  2. Thanks, I have lyrics too, but I felt like putting them on a seperate blog so im in the process of organizing said blog ill post updates when it's done