Monday, November 26, 2012

Weight of the world

The weight of the world, is meant for no man, to bear on his shoulders alone, 
But each man supposes, None can know what I feel, I'd rather it be on my own.
The stress and the challenge and heartache, are a burden meant to be shared.
There may have been truth to this thought, if one Man had not cared.

The weight of the world is heavy, a burd'ning, insurmountable task.
But there is hope for the wearied heart, there is one that we can ask
As a struggle we face alone, we will oft find ourselves on our knees,
The one is our Savior Jesus Christ, and we only have to say please.

Please, and we have to show action, lift the world as much as we can
For the way that he saves is not easy, that was never the plan.
After all you can do, he said to us all, That's when my mercy takes hold
We must lift the world, but he strengthens us all and gives rest to our souls.

We each have a trial to face, a hardship we must bear,
For if we did not, we'd never know, how much our Savior cared.
Love must be shown through action, and obedience shown through love
If we e'er have hope to enter, the Celestial world above.

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