Saturday, November 24, 2012

Whispering Hearts

Every heart speaks in whispers, if we would only hear
It's possible to find a way, you can hear it clear.

If we silence all our worries, drown out all our doubt
You might just be surprised, what you'll find out.

The heart can be a mighty voice, if we just let it speak
It will tell us what to do, how to get what we seek.

Love is the answer, but what is the question?
Let me point out, one ti-ny suggestion.

If you say it like you mean it, and few rarely do
Then you can't just say the words, you have to prove they are true.

I love you, doesn't have to mean, a romantic bond you share
It just means that you show someone, that you really care.

It could be your best friend, or someone you've never met
Each of us know how to love, just some of us forget.

When you look for the good in life, you'll find it never ends
Whether in the warmth of a loved ones hand, or the hug from a friend.

Do all that you can this year, to quiet all your fears
And you might find, your own heart, has whispers for you to hear.

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